From traveling the world, chasing packages down, dealing with airport delays and missed connections, flat tires, endless changes and sometimes 35,000 plus steps a day our team has a collection of stories that would fill seasons of reality TV.

I have often been persuaded to write a blog for people to see “behind the curtain” of events and our adventures. So….here we are!  Our first blog post.  As we continue to add content, I hope you will enjoy our stories of our TEAM as we work to create amazing experiences for our clients.  You will be able to read about our adventures (trust me these are sometimes jaw dropping and hilarious), our successes and our struggles.

We have an amazing team and I am not just saying that, but we are all VERY different, which is what in part makes us FAB!  Sit back and get ready to read posts from our different TEAM members, each sharing their view of events, trends and yes of course the sometimes unbelievable stories that come out of our events (you can’t make this stuff up!).

When I was growing up in Dunn is the earliest recollection I have of “themeing” parties.  My Mom always knew how to make any occasion, from watching Saturday morning cartoons to a celebration special.  It didn’t have to take a lot of money, just a little thought and the desire to go the extra mile.  I believe this was what started by creative process.  I would make lists of theme parties and looking back now, I have no idea why!  It wasn’t like I was throwing parties very often but I loved challenging myself to think of new themes.

My first job was in a florist, delivering flowers (and balloons….balloons are an entire blog post in itself as I still to this day have an aversion to them).  I loved the way people would react when they would see me walk in with a big bouquet of flowers!  I still love to see my client’s reaction when they see a space transformed by our design and décor.

As I began in the décor business it wasn’t easy, I had a dream and ONE client.  I worked hard, forged relationships, did a LOT of events just to get my name and style into the industry.  The recession hit and that was a big blow but I believed in my dream and was determined to stick with it.

Today I have some amazing clients, many who are like family to me and I feel so blessed to not only be able for my work to be what I love but to work alongside of my husband and such talented people that blow me away all of the time with their dedication and talent.  Our team gets to travel (more on that in a later blogpost), spend time with great clients, meet and make friends with  people all over the world, eat really good food (trust me you will hear more about this) and make memories that will last us a lifetime.

To sum it up….I am very grateful and blessed.  More to come soon!